Medical Air

Air Liquide Healthcare has over 20 years of proven experience in providing medical gases, such as medical carbon dioxide (CO2), and equipment to the Australian market. Our highly-qualified staff strive to serve all of our patients and customers as professionally, effectively and efficiently as possible.

Air is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non corrosive gas used in mixtures with a gas density at STP 1.2928 kg/m3. Air can be supplied in cylinders and by on-site generators.

The following cylinder sizes are available:

Item NumberCylinderCapacity
102012S'D' Cylinder1.5m3
102010S'E' Cylinder 3.6m3
102008S'G' Cylinder 7.4m3
102007S'GX' Cylinder 7.6m3
Medical Air Product Information
IndicationsFor normal respiration In anaesthetic equipment as a carrier gas during surgery For nebulisation of inhaled drugs when oxygen supplementation is not required.
ContraindicationNone known
Method of Administration By inhalation For breathing purposes supported by a ventilator In anaesthetic equipment as a carrier gas
Product InformationPlease review Product Information before prescribing. Available from Air Liquide Healthcare or downloaded from the TGA Public Information website eBS.

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